Yunnan Baiyao: Red Pill (What is it?)

The Red Pill (Found in Capsules, Powders, Spray)


Powder; Red Pill location

What is it?

  • Known in Chinese as Bao Xian Zi, otherwise known as the "safety pill" or "trauma pill".
  • For severe/traumatic bleeding or hemorrhage; internal or external.
  • Exact formula/ingredients are a family-guarded secret.
  • We do know that pseudoginseng is probably the most important component of it. When pseudoginseng has been studied alone it has been shown to reduce bleeding times in half.
  • Only 1 Red Pill / package.  Save them, don't throw them away!

Capsules; Red Pill location

Method of Use:

  • Internally, it is to be taken 1 pill per day, intended for treating shock due to significant hemorrhage; it may also help alleviate pain.  Its ingredients are not revealed. 
  • The usual procedure is to take the pill along with the first dose of Yunnan Paiyao if there is severe bleeding.
  • For less severe bleeding, the pill is not used. 

  • Externally, the red pill can be crushed and applied directly to the wound to stop bleeding. 
  • Best when used in conjunction with the Powder to plaster the wound shut. 
  • Not only excellent at stopping bleeding, but also helps to keep the wound free of infection.