Gan Mao Ling Tablets [100ct]

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 Also known as: "The Common Cold Pill"


It's extraordinary effectiveness makes Gan Mao Ling an extremely popular patent. You can use it to prevent a cold when you've been exposed to someone with a cold or to clear a cold or flu when it has already taken hold.

In many cases, a few doses of Gan Mao Ling at the first sign of cold symptoms completely alleviates all symptoms, but it is also frequently all that is needed to relieve full-blown cold symptoms. It is an excellent base formula since it is effective in both cold and heat illnesses.


A blend of Honeysuckle, Chrysanthemum and ancient Chinese herbs used for short-term support of a healthy respiratory system and a healthy immune system response. The herb Evodia Lepta has been compared to Echinacea for its immune system enhancing qualities while simultaneously releasing the exterior. May be used proactively when in incidents of potential exposure.

Appropriate for short term use. 


4 tablets, 3 times per day
Should be discontinued once acute symptoms are resolved

Ilex asprella root
Evodia lepta herb
Chrysanthemum indicum flower
Vitex negundo herb
Isatis indigotica root
Lonicera japonica flower

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Kimber R.
United States United States
Great for allergies an upper respiratory issues.

I have been using Gan Mao Ling for over 10 years for upper respiratory, cold and flu symptoms. I couldn’t live without it and I have turned a whole bunch of people onto this Chinese herb. It’s amazing. Also works great for seasonal allergy relief & so much healthier for your body.

United States United States
Just in time to help patients prevent infection!

Thank you for the fast, efficient service.

United States United States
Fantastic Service

Perfect, Ordered and was kept informed every step of they way! Will order again! Thank you!