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Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien Tablets [100ct]

Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien Tablets [100ct]

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Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien is one of the most well-known formulas in the Chinese herbal medicinary. Yin Chiao is highly-regarded for its ability to nourish and strengthen the body if taken immediately after the onset of common cold or flu symptoms. 

Chinese herbalists believe that cold/flu germs remain on the surface for a short period of time after entering the body. It is during this critical time that Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien can be most effective in reducing body stress.  


A centuries old Chinese formula, Yin Chiao Chieh Tu Pien provides short-term support of a healthy respiratory system and a healthy immune system response.

This formula includes Honeysuckle, Forsythia fruit, and Great Burdock Fruit to soothe the throat and provide immune system boosting when the body’s defenses are challenged.

May be used proactively when in incidents of potential exposure. Appropriate for short term use. 


4 tablets, 3 times per day


Lonicera japonica flower
Forsythia suspensa fruit
Arctium lappa fruit
Platycodon grandiflorum root
Mentha haplocalyx herb
Glycine max seed-prepared
Glycyrrhiza uralensis root
Schizonepeta tenuifolia herb
Lophatherum gracile herb

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