Our Mascot (aka Why Greyhounds Are The Best Dogs)

Our Mascot (aka Why Greyhounds Are The Best Dogs)

Why We Do This

We at Epsilon love dogs, and Daisy has inspired us to help other dog lover's out there.  We value having natural options for health and wellness for ourselves, and appreciate having the same for our furry companion.  It has always been important for us to extend that option to our customers as well, and to be here if any questions come up.  We want to see you out there frolicking with your pets and being as healthy as you can be!

Daisy the dog at Epsilon Acupuncture

Why a Greyhound?

When it came time for us to get a dog, we wanted to adopt or rescue.  Greyhounds are sweet, gentle, loving dogs who very rarely bark.  They are affectionate and snuggly so they make excellent couch potatoes.  The thing about adopting a retired racer that most folks don't realize, is that they are sprinters.  That means that after a run or two (affectionately called zoomies) or even just after daily walks, they conserve energy most of the day.  They are great dogs for anyone looking for that cat-like quality.

Daisy's day off Epsilon Acupuncture

The Down Side

Every breed has them.  Greyhounds have very delicate skin, so having a first aid kit ready is very important.  Daisy gets nicks and scrapes fairly often, and sometimes we don't even know what they're from - was that bush sharp?!?  We keep gauze, tape, salve, and yunnan baiyao powder ready.

First Aid for Greyhounds Epsilon Acupuncture


Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs

Yunnan baiyao can be applied topically for minor injuries, and taken orally for something like a sprain to help reduce swelling.  It is also sometimes recommended by vets for bleeding tumors.  It can also be helpful for other animals, and was originally developed for humans.  See these pages for more details, and this one for dosage guides.



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