Epsilon Acu Reviews: Yunnan Baiyao Capsules

Epsilon Acu Reviews: Yunnan Baiyao Capsules

Epsilon Acu Review:

We first learned about Yunnan Baiyao capsules in 2014 when a friend, who had an elderly black labrador, came to us hoping we could find these capsules for her. 

Her old pup had a condition causing him to bleed internally, and she was recommended these capsules by her groomer, who used Yunnan Baiyao as a form of all-natural, herbal styptic in her work.  

We were able to find the Yunnan Baiyao capsules and helped our friend and her old black lab have another 7 months of quality life together.  Would her lab have lived another 7 months without the Yunnan Baiyao?  Perhaps, but to hear my friend's report of her pup finding it's youthful self in the end, makes me believe that the quality of life offered by Yunnan Baiyao is genuine.

In the time since, we have found Yunnan Baiyao, especially in the capsule form, to be supremely useful in it's ability to stop bleeding.  From severe nose bleeds to stomach ulcers, the capsules allow themselves to easily be used for external or internal cases of bleeding.

We recommend Yunnan Baiyao capsules to all our patients who are dealing with any form of internal bleeding, or such things as regular nosebleeds.  Yunnan Baiyao helps better than any other product that we've tried.

We also keep it on hand for our pet greyhound, Daisy, as well. 

Greyhounds are so high-energy, yet delicate at the same time, Daisy will sometimes come home from forest walks with scratches and cuts on her feet.  Yunnan Baiyao stops the bleeding and soothes the cut, before she licks it raw.


We have also made it a habit to collect and save all the unused Red Pills from our used packages.  As an extra boost to any trauma kit, these Red Pills may help to provide an additional layer of support in the time of need. 

We have never needed to use the Red Pills ourselves (yet) in a trauma or hemorrhage situation, so we cannot directly speak to it's potential benefits.  (knock on wood.)  We hope we never have to.

Yunnan Baiyao Capsules: 10/10

Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs
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