Collection: Snow Lotus Aromatherapy

Snow Lotus Aromatherapy was founded by Peter Holmes, L.Ac., M.H. in response to the need for high quality, unadulterated essential oils for use in therapeutic, clinical, and practical home-care applications.

As a result of working directly with artisan - and not commercial - producers, quality is never compromised – the oils remain genuine, authentic and as unadulterated as when they were first distilled.

Most Snow Lotus oils are certified organic by trusted agencies (Ecocert, Ceres, Qualite-France, etc.) in their country of origin, as well as certified NOP organic by the USDA. The result is essential oils that are guaranteed fully potent and bioavailable.

It is our firm belief that these small batch, full-spectrum artisan distillations are superior in every way to large-scale commercially produced products.

Snow Lotus artisan essential oils maintain the inherent vitality and therapeutic potential of each oil, something that is greatly lost and altered in the commercial process of improper harvesting, extraction using chemical solvents and final standardization using industrial fragrance chemicals.

In addition, Snow Lotus essential oils support the widening global movement that strives to uplift and strengthen cultural, ecological, and biological diversity and sustainability. 

Snow Lotus essential oils are the very definition of what an ‘Artisan Essential Oil’ is and should be. 

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