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Yunnan Baiyao Spray (inclu. Red Pill spray) [115g]

Yunnan Baiyao Spray (inclu. Red Pill spray) [115g]

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Each package contains:

  • 85g Aerosol can of Yunnan Baiyao (white can)
  • 30g Aerosol can of Red Pill spray (red can)

Method of Use / Directions:

This formula is presented here as an easy-to-use spray for acute muscular injury or trauma, even with swelling or inflammation. 

For sprains, bruises, twists, pulls and other muscle issues, do the following:

  • Spray the Yunnan Baiyao over the affected area.
  • Massage the spray into the skin by rubbing rather forcefully.
  • For more severe cases of bleeding, hemorrhage, or bruising, spray the Red Pill spray over the affected area.  It is okay to use both sprays at the same time.
  • Effects last on average, 4 hours.  Use up to 4 times per day.

Yunnan Baiyao effects / functions:

Use on sinew injuries or closed fractures to break up accumulations of stagnant blood.  Activates blood circulation, reduces swelling, stops pain.  

Active Ingredients:
Camphor (11%)
Capsaicin (0.25%)
Methyl salicylate (14.24%)

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